H4 EAD renewal
H4 EAD Renewal

Everything you need to know about H4 EAD Renewal

From May 2015, H4 dependents spouses who are waiting for their green cards can apply for Employment Authorization Document (EAD) which will enable them to work in the US without sponsorship. An H1-B holder who has an approved I – 140, can sponsor their spouses for EAD. This was done to address long wait times for certain citizens (e.g. China and India) to obtain their Green Cards.

The H4 EAD allows spouses to work as long as their better half can maintain I – 140 legal status. The H4 EAD application is similar to other EAD processes.

Documents required for renewal

  1. Form I – 1765 must be completed
  2. The filing fee of $ 410 needs to be attached
  3. Evidence of I-797, I-129, I-94 and approved I-140
  4. Government-issued Identification like – passports
  5. Marriage certificate in English

Time required for approval

Current EAD processing times is 90 days after they receive your documentation. Please note that this time might exceed if you receive an RFE.

Things to remember

In order to work in the US, you must wait for approval before starting to interview and seek employment. The validity of the EAD will be mentioned on the EAD card. IF the H1 status at any time is revoked or suspended, that will also impact your EAD status.

How soon can I file for H4 EAD renewal

Renewal of EADs can be done 120 days before expiration.

Can I file my renewal in premium processing?

No, you can not file it in premium processing. However, USCIS has shown courtesy in the past to approve in premium processing timeline if it is bundled with H1B premium processing of your spouse.

That’s it. Good luck with your H4 EAD renewal!

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