The following are the requirements to obtain Permanent Residency in Australia. The process has become a little more tedious than in the past. Obtaining PR is still possible if you decide to apply early.

Points for each band of permanent residency in Australia


Following are the points for each age bracket. As you can see, the highest points can be obtained when your age is in between 25 and 32. The earlier you apply the more chances you have.

English Test

Similar to Canadian immigration, applicants need to take the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test. This is applicable to all countries that are non-english speaking.

Skilled Employment:

Applicants will be awarded points if their employment falls within the skilled occupation list as defined in the list below. This experience can be acquired in Australia or another country. The experience must be gained within the 10 year period from the application. Occupations that are currently being required by the Australian Government find them here.

WITHIN Australia (within last ten years)
OUTSIDE of Australia (within last ten years)

Educational Qualifications:

Applicants will be awarded for the highest qualification that they might have. If you have a doctorate degree, you are eligible to receive 20 points, subject to vetting. If you have studied in Australia for 2 years or more, you get an additional 5 points.

Regional Study:

Applicants who have studied in areas where population density is not too high can receive an additional 5 points.

Any degree, diploma, or trade qualification
earned in Australia after at least 2 years of study

Spouse/partner Skills:

If you plan to include your partner in this application, you may be eligible to receive an additional 5 points if Age, Language requirements and occupations match.

Nomination and Sponsorship:

If you are sponsored by a state or territory, you can receive 5 or 10 points depending on Subclass 190 or 489 application type.

Nomination by a State or Territory government
under a State Migration Plan for a Skilled Nominated visa
(subclass 190) application
5 Points
Nomination by a State or Territory government
under a State Migration Plan, or an eligible relative,
to a designated area for a Skilled Nominated or
Sponsored visa (Provisional) (Subclass 489) application

10 Points

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