Trump on h1b visa reform and path to citizenship.

President Donald Trump said last week –  he is planning changes including a possible pathway to US citizenship to foreigners holding H-1B visas, issued temporarily to highly educated immigrants who work in specialty occupations such as technology or medicine.  The following is his tweet

Trump on H1B reform and path to citizenship for H1B visa holders

While part of the reason is to offer something to the Democrats to get the border wall, there are other reasons for this.

While Trump typically depicts undocumented immigrants and asylum seekers attempting to enter the country through Mexico as criminals, he frequently praises those applying for H-1B visas, which require a bachelor’s degree or higher.

During the campaign, Trump proposed increasing the prevailing wage paid to H-1B visa holders in an effort to force companies to give entry-level jobs to an existing pool of unemployed workers in the U.S., instead of bringing in cheaper workers from overseas. Indians are the biggest beneficiaries of the temporary H1-B visas, 70 percent or more were from India last year, according to government statistics.

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